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Entertainment, Writing and Art
Entertainment, Writing and Art
Will Wister
Elliot S Maggin
Elliot S Maggin, Father of two beautiful and spectacularly successful grown kids.
4.6k Views · Featured in The Huffington Post and Fatherly · Upvoted by Anita Sanz, psychologist and Matt Hastie, Father of two.
Robert Frost
Robert Frost, Have over 15000 comics in my collection
82.8k Views · Upvoted by Ajitanshu Ramji, Working as an Assistant Director for a Bollywood Movie and David Mullich, has rated more than 2500 titles and created or edited many others.
Most Viewed Writer in DC Comics with 90+ answers
Marcus Geduld
Marcus Geduld, Artistic Director, Folding Chair Classical Theatre, NYC (
64.5k Views · Featured in Slate and Business Insider
Most Viewed Writer in Acting with 120+ answers